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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Being my star (sadhayam) birthday I was blessed to perform a concert at NSTSS on the 22nd Jan’07. It was one of the largely attended audience of my concerts and I was happy that almost the entire hall was full from the beginning to the end. This also adds up to my responsibility as I am now clearly aware that people have some expectations and I need to keep up, to be able to make them come for my concerts again and again.

The audio was of great quality and special thanks to Deepan Chakravarthi anna of Karthik audio for the same. Prof Sundararajan during his speech praised me a lot and I do not know whether I am eligible for all those lavish praise. Sri Vaidyanathan of Krishna Sweets was honoured during the felicitation.

Special thanks to Ravishankar anna (Mrudhangam artiste and also a good singer) and his mother, Ramanathan uncle & the office bearers of this forum for having made it possible for me to perform here.

Coimbatore concert for GRG College for Eductation

A great trip once again to Coimbatore, thanks to Gopi Mama. This time for GRG College founder's day celebration. I stayed at AARVEE Hotels and it was indeed a very good. But i could not enjoy the stay as it was just for only hours as i had to leave hotel by 230 to proceed to college for the concert at 430pm.

As usual it was a great breakfast at Gopimama's house and enjoyed being with his sister and also Gurucharan uncle and Charsow Suresh uncle. I do not remeber the other uncle who was to play Piano with Gurucharan uncle in a different venue. This uncel praised me a lot saying that he was hearing very nice things about me and also heard my performance.

Mrs Devarajan the Dean of the college had made wonderful arrangements and also gave me a beautiful watch as gift to me along withmy favorate chocalates. ( I am surprised how she knew this). All of teh volunteeres were very courtious and we had another pleasant trip to Kovai. The audience of students and volunteers cheered me for every song and hope they all enjoyed the show.

What can i say about Sundhari aunty and Chander uncle? They came for the concert and gave a dinner feast to us in the night. I just developed fever and could not enjoy same but all the rest enjoyed the dinner and it was very moving. They offered me all comforts and i think that kind of warmth made sure i was alright in the next morning.

Special thanks to Sri Thottarayaswamy who has talked about me in his blog and the link is as follows:

Thank you uncle and i hope i live up to your expectations.

This concert at Westmambalam on the 21st Jan07 for a wedding i understand is my 325th stage. A different experience as i was playing with Sri Manian my school konnakol master who performed with me on mrudhangam along with Tabla rajagopal uncle and S P Ananthapadmanabha uncle on violin.
As both carnatic and some film songs were requested i used both my Yamaha 640 for rhythm and Korg PRO for melody. It was a massive crowd and one child may be around 9 years was always playing in fornt of the stage with a baloon in his hands. I just wanted to take it and play with it but i was on stage. The food was excellent and so was the ice cream. I was moved by the shawl and also an excellent gift given by Mr/s Seetharaman.
You can see the two people at teh back on the first photo and on the left is Ramesh Uncle who is one of the main reason for my success as he is the owner of S K Audio who keeps PA (audio)system for almost all my private concerts in Chennai. A Big thank you for him and i thought i can show his face to you all.

Monday, January 15, 2007

10th Jan'07 was indeed a greatday for me as i was performing for a full fledged audience from abroad - the foriegn delagates of ICA'07 meet. Doubly happy because i was also having my cousin brother on stage with me on Kanjeera teaming up for the first time.

Krishnan Parthasarathy, my athai's son, is from Melbourne - Australia and is a sishya of Sri Ravichandra, from the guruparampara of Guruji Sri Karaikudi Mani Iyer. I give below a audio link and hop you all like it. Regret for some poor quality of audio.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I did not expect a good crowd here as I knew it was after a long holiday and also the slot of 4 – 6pm. However there was a decent crowd and I could see lot of repeat audience which was really encouraging. Sagayam uncle as usual did a great sahayam (help) with his good handling of PA system and the concert went very well. I am sure all the artists on stage also liked the presentation. Srinivasan uncle expressed his happiness on the performance and i hope to come back here for the main slot during Dec’07.

My concert was after Smt Padma Krishnan’s (distantly related to me as my grand mother) concert. I was hearing her for the first time and it was indeed great. The Krithi Karpuram narumo was brilliant and this has inspired me to learn this song.

For the first time I was teaming up with Anayampatti Venkatasubramanim on the violin and I was very comfortable with him and so was with Sri Sivaramakrishnan on Ghatam. Trivandrum balaji anna was his usual best & we had good time exchanging few jokes on stage with in ourselves on sign language. The PA System was good and I had few foreigners as audience here too.

A happy way to start this New Year – 2007

I was indeed very happy to be at the dias for a performance particularly along with my uncle Embar S Kannan. It was a blessing in all ways as I was performing with a team of artists who had just got the intimation that all the three of them had won “Best Accompanists Award” for respective categories from The Music Academy for their performance during Dec’06 season.

My uncle, Poongulam anna and Gopalakrishnan anna gave great encouragement and I was very comfortable and cool performing the first concert for the year – blessed to perform in a temple on the first day of a new year. Many from the audience gave be gifts in cash. The high light was the gift given by Balu uncle with a geared Cycle to me and a great lunch for all of us at his house. I was so happy that day as I always wanted this cycle to be bought and I got it as a surprise gift from Balu uncle & family for having won the POGO Award. Thank you Balu uncle.

I totally enjoyed the concert with the team and I think we gave a good 2 hours of music to the large audience who had gathered for the concert. The PA System by Mr Ramesh of Kannan Audios was perfect. The reason is, he knows Carnatic music and I could see him sing along for most part of the concert. It is indeed a great boon to have somebody to handle the PA system as he takes care at its best output for the audience which is most important in a concert. It was a indeed a large crowd as you could see in the photos.

I also enjoyed the Dharshan of Lord Anjeneya (my favorite God) & the puliyodharai prasadham. It was indeed a blessing to perform here for this temple on a Saturday - Vaikunda Ekkadesi day and also the last of my concert day in 2006.