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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our trip to Charlotte

Every city / venue is indeed a great experience in this tour for me and this kind of twin cities as far as music organisers are concerned namely Raleigh and Charlotte has been very special for me. It was after the great stay at Raleigh we moved by surface to Charlotte and if not for the team thinking of all of us including Mr/s Akila Arun and Mr Ravi , ho drove us, we would have had great trouble driving the distance of about 170 miles. It was raining and Mr Ravi uncle was indeed great and self, Kannan uncle and Poongi uncle played UNO cards throughout our travel.

In Charlotte it was in my god's brother's home we were staying i.e. Dr Ravi Dattatreya's (who had presented me with a Korg Trinity workstation in Nov'09 and we in our family really think of him as god) brother's house. I enjoyed the concert on May 17th 2009 after having good lunch and has been enjoying the stay here. e have been playing Tennis, went to IMAX theatre and had the experience of being to Grand Canyon - Colorado River film and playing UNO. I also recorded few krithis for Ravi uncle. Pooja and Rupa akka (one in the photos dancing) were also nice and so was the dinner hosted by committee members with Mr&Mrs Krishna family, Mr & Mrs Vijay family and Mr & Mrs Muthukrishnan & family. Thanks to Jayashree Pandurangan aunty and Pandu uncle for having given us great time in their house with great homely food. They also took us to Cizi's Pizza and e enjoyed the buffet spread! Hope our good run on and off the stage continues!!