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Monday, December 17, 2007

A great day with South African Musician Kids - 16th Dec'07

I had a great day today after getting an oppurtunity to be at the Music academy to listen to Ravikiran uncle with my uncle Embar Kannan and also had a Zulu Child come home and be with us for some time. Yes this Zulu child also sings well and that too Tamizh devotional songs. The pronounciation is actually better than many of teh tamil channels presentations. It was a group of musician children from "Beema Naidoo School of music from Phoenix, South Africa who are here in Chennai tointeract and learn music. The tabla player who took my kanjeera at home accompanied me for Vaathapi and also for my appa's bhajan.

Zulu child was the attraction with his neat pronounciation and a great Voice. Every one had exceptional talent and i hope to work along with them in near future. Mr Selvan Pillay who is the co-ordinator of this group was very very happy to have come home. Here are few video clipping and i am sure you all will be surprised with their quality of presentation of their talents. It was birthday for one of teh group member we celebrated with the b'day song and gave sweets to them. Links for the videos: