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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The trip to Bangalore for the Bengalooru Habba 2007 is probably one of the best concert trips i have been so far, as we experienced great hospitality through out. We were picked up at 445am (in Bangalore with a great cool climate) in the morning and were taken to Sri Jayaraman's house (Mrudhangam Suri uncle's relative) and even though it was so early hours in Bangalore mami greeted us and gave a great cup of coffee to begin with. Then we enjoyed the breakfast, played cricket and had a good lunch. As Sri Jyaraman's appa was old he requested if we can perform for few mts for him at home and we were only too happy to do it. H/ever after listening to it both Thatha and patti decided to come for the concert and was indeed a great blessing for all of us.

Vivek and Charanya the children of the house were so sweet and moved well with me. Jayaram uncle's wife was so kind to all of us and with her mother-in-law gave us a real feast of lunch and also with great iddlis packed for our dinner. Mr Arun Kumar who was in Bharat Kalachar on the 1st Dec had come with his family for this concert and his son along with Ms Rohini's son (one of the organisors) came on to the stage and sat behind me and was keeping thalam along with my appa. We were all dropped in Mrs Rohini and by Mr Arun Kumar's car and a we said good bye to Bengalooru with fond memories of having made good friendship with new people.
The link for the sample track of the concert is