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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wishing you all advance Happy New Year

It was a great day for appa as he was successful in organizing a show for the music students of Bheema Naidoo School of Music, Phoenix, South Africa. Thanks to Brahma Gana Sabha who agreed to host this 1 hour show on the 29th Dec’07 the students gave an excellent performance. I think it was indeed a great honour and blessing for the students as they had Sri L. Krishnan - a leading Music composer of South India in the audience. He was also very kind to bless the students and stood for some photos which i think they should treaure it for ever!

I could not attend due to my rehearsals for a show on the 10th and 11th Jan’08 for Chennai Sangamam but enjoyed all the photos and also the videos and audio track recorded by my father. I am sure you also will like it and here is the link for the same:

Video Link:

Audio Link:

I also was happy to have been to Kathadi uncle's "Thupariyum Sambu" drama at Nungambakkam Cultural Academy and enjoyed it to the core. I have decided to attend many more of his plays from now on.