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Sunday, December 02, 2007

It was one of the greatest days for me not just because it was the start of 2007 December music festival in my school under Bharat Kalachar but because after a long time my uncle Embar S. Kannan was there in the audience for the entire concert with my first guru, his father. Also appa's parents (my grand parents) with my athimber was a special surprise!

The concert went well with many good suggestions coming up from my school Chairman and being a first attempt of Jugalbandhi with Hindustani Vocal - Ananthakrishnan anna, Sundar uncle on Tabla and Arjun Ganesh anna on Mrudhnagam, we did a decent presentation to get complemented from one and all - especially my mama. I was also happy that a old patti (made me feel as if my patti - mother's amma was sitting) stayed back through out and blessed me. One normally can see her in almost all the concerts held in Bharat Kalachar and i was really happy to see her stay back for the entire concert. Great blessing in deed. I thank all who attended and specially to Mrs & Mr Ramji uncle.

To listen to audio track of this concert log on to by tmrw after 3pm.

A short video clipping link
is given here and hope you like it.

Thanks to Pyarilal uncle who had taken some good pictures in our camera.