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Friday, November 24, 2006

I did not know that today was Saibaba's birthday and i think only with his grace the concert turned out to be one of the best. Yes i was trying many new things just as i am proceeding to hyderabad and Calicut were i am going to perform with some very good and senior most artists. Ananthakrishnan anna was all praise for me as i think i gave him some surprise package today in alapana and kalpanaswaras.
The atmosphere was full of good energy and the knowledgeble audience was an great addition to this. Appa told me that we might have to present some film numbers but the flow was so good i told him that we will do it only if any request to that effect came in. It turned out to be a nil request for films numbers and it was indeed a full length concert for 140 mts of great music. Suriyanarayanan uncel and Pradeep uncle were also at theri best and so it was a great day for the team indeed.