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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Concert at Warren Road Pillaiyar Temple on September 06, 2010

It was one of the special concert i was performing with my Maths teacher apart from my many well known personalities like Papanasam Kumar uncle, Smt. Mala Mohan, Murali uncle & aunty my paternal grand parents and many senior citizens who were richly knowledgeable in music in the august audience. The fact that my Maths teacher with family had come all the way from K.K. Nagar to listen to my concert and returned home after i finished the concert at around 11pm was indeed very pleasing and i sincerly thank her for this. She also took the mike and expressed her sincere wishes & blessings to me. I am really blessed to get the wishes from a teacher just after teh teacher's day and i was totally moved. Thank the Almighty for this Grace showered! 

The concert in fact was one of my best to my knowledge and i felt the presence of the divine force of Lord Vinayaga indeed as the energy level was indeed at its peak throughout. It was kind of a new experience to me and i enjoyed every moment on stage with B. Ananthakrishnan anna (Violin) R. Sankaranarayanan anna (Mrudhangam) and Hariharasubramanian anna (Ghatam) were at their best. It was a great team work and this is once again prooves the greatness of UNITY and this is indeed very important for concert performances. The concert recording will be uploaded and link will be given soon.