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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back to normal life - concerts and school!

After the surgery and post surgery treatments i got myself recouped by around 17th October in time for my first commitment of concerts! God was so great that i did not have any concert except one scheduled on 6th Oct'12 with Abhishek Raghuram ji! Yes i really missed it and i tried my best to be fit for it but did not want to go against Medical  advice! AR ji was nice to comfort me saying opportunities are plenty to come by! 

We had back to back concerts on 17th 18th and had to leave by a Tempo Traveller to Tirunelveli for a concert on 19th Oct'12. It was indeed a great experience with the vehicle broke down at the Samayapuram Check post (luckily) and had to spend almost 4 hrs to get another vehicle as we also wanted to take care of the vehicle we went in! As reached the venue we immediately made a sound check and had a small nap for 30 mts and were ready on stage for the concert!   After the concert we drove back immediately as many of our artists had work the next morning and reached Chennai around 10am after changing vehicle again in Trichy! It was indeed a great experience and kudos to our team for having performed a wonderful energy filled concert at Tirunelveli in spite of hectic travel. 

I started attending school on the Vijayadasami day after a month two days as our holidays in September began on the 23rd! As i was just trying to catch up with studies again a set of Holidays! Wow interesting but feeling little gittery with regard to coping with studies! Any way God is there and will make me manage this as well!