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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blissful October 2012

Firstly i would like to thank one and all for all the wishes and blessings sent to me through sms, emails, Facebook, phone calls and personal visits during the period i had undergone a surgery on the October 03, 2012 for Mucosal PolyP. I am fully recovered thanks to Dr. Mohan Kameswaran of Madras ENT Research Foundation and team and have started my routine after a good break of rest! I also owe my sincere thanks to Dr. Padma Subramaniam aunty and Vennai B. Kannan uncle for the guiding us to this doctor and helping us in all ways!

October started off with a Holiday after my exams and now ends also with a Holiday, thanks to "Neelam". While its nice to have rains and holidays, it does hurts when we understand it also brings in pains to many!

What a start with an oppurtunity to perform in Dr. Padma Subramaniam's Nrithyodaya's dance production, "Gandhi Mahan Kadhai" of sri. Kothamangalam Subbu's literary work which saw a sea of people coming into Narada Gana Sabha and the fact was many including my father could not get a place to sit and had to watch the program standing in a corner,  while many could not even find a place to stand and were left outside the hall only to listen to the Orchestra! What a production and it was indeed a great moment for me as my mother Smt. Lalitha Krishnababu was also singing along with me for this production! Thanks Nrithyodaya and this production also coincided with the celebrations of 60 years of Padma aunty into dance. I also had my Raman Athimber for this event and my very great well wisher Sri. Dinesh Naidoo with his friends from South Africa and i liked the way they said, "Sathya we were blessed and lucky to have got an entry in to the hall, forget that we did get just a small space to stand and watch the program all through! An unforgettable evening indeed!

Here above you see me with Veenai B. Kannan uncle on 02.10.2012 night and on the right in the hospital room just before leaving for the operation on 03.10.2012 early morning at 7am!