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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Sad Day

It is indeed a sad day today as i have lost one of my greatest well wisher and guide in Dr. T. P. Naidoo uncle who i understand breathed his last at 10 am today morning in Durban, USA. He has been a great inspiration and a mentor to me and our family. He has done immense society to the Tamils and in Particular Indian in South Africa and it is indeed a great loss for all of us.

For i am what today, it is also because of the efforts of this great uncle and his daughter Smt. Vasantha Naidoo, through Indian Academy, Durban South Africa, giving me an opportunity for a concert tour to South Africa in 2003 just when i was 8 years! Unless for this tour i would not have met Dinesh Naidoo uncle and the albums he made on me! 

The first photo is the one i had taken during his visit to India in 2005 and the second one is the one i had taken with him in my first tour of SA.

May we all pray for his soul to rest in peace!