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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Audition on Harmonium!

Most interesting thins happend at the start of my journey in to my 18th year is the Audition i went through on Harmonium in All India Radio! Yes when i tried playing the few krithis on Harmonium some time last year in a concert appa asked me if i would be ready for applying in AIR! As i had always a liking to the instrument, i immediately said yes to it and had initialised the process. We got the letter from informing that the audition will be on the 3rd Feb'12 in the first week of Jan'12 and we now started scouting for a Harmonium! 

We actually asked almost every one we had known whom we thought would have a Harmonium and understandably only Mr. Ramani sir of my school had one and that instrument was always used for Bhajans sung during Anusham. Also it is indeed such a wonderful Harmonium, many artists using the instrument for Bhajans try and take it from him always. So we did not want to give him the trouble but what are we going to do! Buying one at this stage i thought is little premature and so decided to check with Palladam Venkataramana Rao sir - the magician on the instrument! He has on date only two instruments, one which he had bought almost 50-60 years back and the other for his students to learn! So end result no instrument! However I sincerely thank Palladam Vankataramana Rao ji for his expert suggestion / guidance extended to me to better the handling of the instrument when i went with an instrument later.

God is always kind to us and this statement was made true once again by Prasad Uncle! Father of Shyam Prasad who is interacting with us to develop his vocal chords in our KBS Inculcation, when asked on this help, at once called up Lakshman Sruthi Musicals and made sure we have the instrument in 2 days time! Now all i had to do was to go to  Lakshman Sruthi Musicals and pick one of my choice! The people in  Lakshman Sruthi Musicals were so nice to me, the manager Mr Lakshman in particular, they extended all help and i now had the instrument with me clear 2 weeks ahead of the audition!

I have now appeared for the local audition in All India Radio, Chennai and hope to get a call soon for the next level i.e. actual audition to be sent to New Delhi for grading my performance. Well that is possible only if i clear the local audition and so this is crucial and now awaiting the result! 

After finishing the audition when i wanted to return the instrument,  Lakshman Sruthi Musicals were so nice and have offered me a 4 read Scale shift Harmonium! Along with Prasad uncle they have now imposed the confidence that i will surely get through the local audition and from now on i shall start practicing for the Delhi audition! 

I am so happy that God has been so kind to me and i am sure he is, to all of us and always!

Few more links of my Harmonium attempts:

A Bhajan - Nandhanandhanu / Muralidhara Gopala / Jagajanani

I request you all to pray for my good result and I shall keep you all updated on the same.

Here is the link for the Sarvani Sangeetha Sabha concert and i am sure you all will like it.