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Friday, November 27, 2009

My greatest Day - release of my Album by Legendary guruji Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna ji

A great blessing indeed for me with my Guruji entering the hall as we started playing the bhajan "Sri Guru Partivasa". A moment i will never forget as it was any way not planned and that means it is just the great blessing of my guru and Almighty. I am now in Erode for a concert in kumarapalayam today and have been talking about this launch funtion to Venkat anna and Arjun Ganesh anna all this while. I also saw a movie "Kanden Kadhalai" here in Erode.

Coming to the function, all of us Suri uncle, Nadas Bala anna, Sridhar anna, Pradeep uncle, Rajagopal uncle and my parents were very excited to perofrm in front of my guruji and it was a performance which he later in his speech praised! Guruji was also emphasasing the point regarding the Ban of keyboard in All India Radio and went on to say that "it is not right to ban an instrument but one can ban artists who do not perform to the true effects on an instrument" With his blessing i am sure the ban will be lifted soon and many people like will get greater recognition soon!

The boon he gave me as a gift for this album launch was the words of encouragement to me by saying that, " i enjoyed singing with Sri Chakrobarthy on Harmonium, Sri Ramani & Sri Chaurasia on flute and Sri Zakeer Hussain on Tabla. Let me tell you all that in my future concerts i will also be singing alongwith Keybaord Sathyanarayana". A blessings i never thought of and it is indeed the greatest gift on this day.

I also thank Mr & Mrs Ganesan family, Mr Rangarajan and Mr & Mrs Raman family for having bought 300, 100 and 50 cds respectively of this album. I also thank one and all who made it to the funtion and others who wished me as they could not make it. Looking forward to a greater future and will surely work towards my best.