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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trichur - 14th May 2007. A trip amma and myself missed with heavy hearts.

Yes it was Hari uncl's wedding at Trichur we missed due to amma 's All India Radio Audition on the 14th MAy'07 same day of teh wedding at Trichur.

Appa just returned told me lots of interesting stories about the trip including the beautiful photo of Hari uncle and Dhanuya akka's in front of the van to identify the group while being received. The second photo is with all the members of Krupasankari Street who had been to the wedding. 3rd and 4th the vital moment of tying up of Thirumangalyam.

I understand it was indeed organised in a great way with good rooms, food, transport arrangements and a great Hosting indeed. Kudos to both Hari uncle's and Dhanya akka's families for a great show.

Looking forward to our show for the reception on the 17th May in Chennai.