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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Eppadi Padinaro" concert of Sri Krishna Sweets at Sringeri Saratha Peedam - Bangalore.

This is one of the trips to Bangalore i will never forget as i really enjoyed playing cricket in Vivek's residence on the Motta Madi - top open floor. In fact the bal went many times to house nearby and Vivek was very smart in bringing it back. Rules and regulations were so strict that our Indian team will not be in a position to play with us for 5 overs also. It was also a good presentation of concert on the 24th Aug'08 with Venkat anna on Violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangama and Hari anna on ghatam.

Interesting things on the trip was that after the concert was over we were served food at the Math and by the time we came back all over foot wear were missing. It took time for us to locate them and now we had a problem of no autos coming for us to the station. Appa saw a locked Alto car nearby and said that we will take help from the person when he comes to take the car. As appa was checking for the location were we can get the auto, Dr Ramesh the owner of the car, offered to take all of us to the Railway station. It was indeed a miracle and it looked as if we saw the God alive in his form! It was also so surprising for all of us because not only we five fitted in the car but also the entire instruments and our luggage! "Manamirundhal Margamundu" (where there is a will there is a way) proverb was proved here and if not for Dr Ramesh, the god for us, i do not think we could have reached the Railway station in time. Thank you sir!