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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Bala Kala Rathna" from Issai Mazhalai Ramjhi uncle's forum
 14. 12. 2010 Blakalasagaram Trust

I remember the early days when i first met Ramjhi uncle with the photograph below when i was probably 7 years old! The picture mentioning Balabrahmam is the one where i performed in the unique Jaya TV programme under Issai Mazhalai in the year 2005. I still remember him killufying my chin (in fact he did day before yesterday also meeting in Hariharashrma anna's - Kanjeera artiste's wedding) and he has every right to do so as well as i am always a kid for him and would love to remain so for ever! 

He used to pull my leg on my pronunciation of certain words and interestingly he said that even now he hears me that way only! Well i would love to be a child always as we escape from troubles in life! I remember the trip we went to Mumbai and Pune and the enjoyment we had in that trip is not matched with any of my trips till date! No jokes as it was full of young children and uncle used to be part of this kid team in all ways and we had great fun eating in teh train whatever came by, Mumbai roadside  eats, Shopping in Pune and what not!

Today i was handed over a a title - award "Bala Kala Ratna" by his organisation and it was a very happy moment indeed! Ramjhi uncle has been one of the main reason for what i am today with his patronage all through my life as a performer and i am so happy and blessed to receive this from Sri T. K. Govinda Rao sir and Sri. Cleveand Sndaram sir in the presence of Ramjhi uncle and Mr. Rajasekar of ITC - Mangaldeep. I sincerely thank you uncle for the faith you have on me by giving this award and i hope i live up to the expectation and raise to a greater stature in the music field.