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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Keyboard in AIR - All India Radio

I am happy to inform  that at last Keyboard has been given its due status as a lead instrument in All India Radio - "AIR" effective this May'10. Yes! thanks to The Almighty's grace, Guru's blessings & wishes of my well wishers I & B Ministry as included Keyboard in the mainstream of classical music as a lead instrument and now any one over 16 years of age can appear for the grade audition in AIR for qualifying themselves as a graded artist of "AIR". I am also thankful to the Ministry for giving me special permission to appear for teh locval audition which was conducted on the 19th May'10. 

I had the fortune to be one among the first few to have taken up the Local Audition on the 19th May’10 along with my friend a good keyboard artiste, a good Vocalist, Mrudhangist and Composer in RaviShankar, who is also grandson of Sri Ramanathan of NSTSS, Nanganallur. Both of us have cleared this audition and now are looking forward to the ‘MAB’ audition on the 15th June’10 which will decide our status in the gradation for performing in “AIR”. With all the best wishes of my well wishers, blessings of my gurus and the grace of The Almighty, i hope to do will and come out with success.