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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tirupur trip for a Concert on August 22, 2010

It was after long weeks i was traveling by train and i really enjoyed it! God was kind with good weather around and once again we, Vankat anna (Violin), Sankaranarayanan anna (Mrudhangam) and appa were busy playing UNO game. It was also ncie of the coordinators from Shanmugananda Sabha to have provided us breakfast & lunch in the room which made us sit relax and play watching some TV programs in between. This concert was after my concert in Chennai on 20th August'10 in heArtbeat Ensemble i performed with Sri U.P.Raju uncle. 

The concert was in Lord Easwaran Temple and it ws organised jointly by Sri Krishna Sweets & Shanmugananda Sabha, Tirupur nder "Eppadi Padinaro". The attendance was indeed good and stayed back till the end and if we have to take a clew from this then i think we did justice on teh positive side for the question under which the series is being held - Eppadi apdinaro". we did not get return ticket by train and thanks to Sri Dhananjayan, Auditor for having got us ticket by bus and we reached Chennai today. 

Thanks also to Sri Sengottaiyan, a rasika who had recorded the concert on video and also has uploaded a song in his YouTube channel A great rasika who inspires people like me to keep our efforts to make it better always!

Here is the audio link:

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