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Sunday, August 08, 2010

PSBB K.K. Nagar made it! No. 1 again at TAMBRAS Bhajan Competition - 08 August, 2010

Hard work pays is a statement and it is really true in our case!. Yes after getting the second position at Aambattur last Sunday (memonto in my right hand) during the "Nama Sangerthana Samrakshana Trust competition, we as team decided to put our best today and we really came out with grand success with a Golden Trophy (this is a miniature you are seeing in my left had - the original Rolling trophy is really huge). This photo taken at my house around 1030pm on 8th Aug'10. So fresh you seeeee!!!!!!!!!!

We dedicate this to our teachers who has been our strength of success guiding us all the way and also for having kept their faith on us. The instrument team of Adithya Narayanan, Aravind and myself had comfortable understanding with  vocal performers and it was indeed a grand performance which was rewarded with 1st Prize! I am also happy to inform that PSBB Nungambakkam also had a podium finish with 3rd position and the 2nd position taken by Hindu Vidhyalaya. Thanks to our Mrudhangam vidwan Adhithya's mom for forwarding me the above pictures which you see in the slide show.

Last and this Sunday has been good and i hope i have the fortune of god Sunday following me next week i.e. 15th August'10 while i perform with Adyar Balasubramani anna on Nadaswaram for "Hamsavinodhini" at Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple, near Madley Sbway, West Mambalam from 5 - 7pm