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Friday, April 30, 2010

Varuna Baghwan answers our Prayers!

Miracles happen rarely and it happened today to us!

Yes. During a wedding concert today evening my father recollected incidents which happened before about rain god answering to Amruthavarsini Ragam. He then announced that, "the team of Sathya on keyboard, Ananthapadmanabha on violin, Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan on MrudhangamHariharasubramanian on Ghtam & Morsing, Rhythm Pad Padmanabhan, Bass Guitar Suri and Pradeep on Tabla with audio by Karthicck audio Sangeetha Raja will be presenting a Dikshidar krithi - Anandamruthavarshini in Amruthavarshini. I request all of you to join in praying to Rain God - Varuna to show mercy and reduce the effect of Sun god - the heat. I am sure if all of us pray Varuna will heed to our prayers and shower rain or at least bring down the heat with cool breeze".

We played outline ragam, thanam followed by krithi, kalpanaswaram and Thani avarthanam and ended the cocnert with a long medley. As soon as we got out of the stage and walking towards the dinner hall, people started coming to us with the message that Varuna has answered the prayers with Rain! Miracle indeed and that shows the effect of joint prayers. Any one who reads this, please pass on the effect of Group Prayers and let us use this to all the good cause.

I shall ask my father to upload this concert in esnips or sangeethamshare and i hope you all also like it. It was  concert with a mixed set of songs with few carnatic & devotional numbers.

I am now going to sleep with a great feeling and hope our group prayers will be coming true always.