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Monday, July 05, 2010

UNO - trip!!!

Well this is not United Nation Organization tour i am talking about!!!!!!!!! This is all about a trip to Coimbatore and Kumbakonam in which i have been playing the great UNO - card game. My dad has already branded me as a representative of this game widely played in USA which i learnt during my trip in 2009. This actually took care of most part of my leisure time there and i continue to do same here. However as i am travelling with many artists, i make it a point to teach artists who do not know this game. That way i spend my leisure time in travel & in the hotels i stay playing this great  UNO card game.

Coming to this trip on Coimbatore and Kumbakonam on the 1st and 2nd July, 2010, it was fun all through with Sankarnarayanan anna (Mrudhangam) and Trichy Krishna anna (Ghatam) at Coimbatore and my mamoos Embar Kannan uncle & KVG anna (kanjeera) at Kumbakonam. Myself and appa started playing on the morning of 1st Jul'10 in our room in Coimbatore and asked Sankaranarayanan anna if he would join. When he said he did not know to play i readily taught him and it was fun from that minute. Yes! after B'fast  we were playing for hours only to be joined by Trichy Krishna anna, who also learnt and started playing. We almost forgot lunch, thankfully got ourselves remainded that we have a concert same evening and so brought the game to close. It was great fun and i am happy i have taught this to two more people known to me!

On reaching Kumbakonam on teh 2nd afternoon,  while appa and myself started playing UNO around 330pm, we heard our room door being knocked and were happy to see my mamoos Emabr Kannan and KVG anna. As soon they came in they also expressed their wish to join and it went on for 90 mts until we were making ourselves ready to leave the room for the concert venue.

This 2 day trip only remained me of the time we stayed in Seattle with two gurukkal learning this game from Poongi uncle and played till they dropped us at the airport - literally we were playing in the car while going to the airport!!!

I also had the oppurtunity to meet A  Icon of India Sri Naren karthikeyan - F! formuala car racer and was happy to take few photos with him. He was so cool, calm and composed! A great person to move with indeed!! Thanks to Sankaranarayanan an's mobile for these wonderful, memorable pictures.

Great memories!!! and great time we had in this two day trip - reason for naming UNO trip.