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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend concerts at Boston April 11th and April 12th at Austin.

It was indeed a great weekend with a concert at Boston on Saturday afternoon from 230 - 4pm and i was really moved to see lot of people coming and appreciating me for the performance. Thanks to Marc Rossi uncle who had come for interaction on 9th April'09, there was a music company which wanted to make an album of mine! A great news to have after a performance. God willing it should be happening soon! Later we (myself and appa) were picked up by Sasi uncle and his son Suraj & drove us to their house. It was indeed a long drive but for all the people in USA it is just 40 mts drive! On reaching we had some pleasantries exchanged and Suraj and me enjoyed playing car game on the computer. Well i earned lots of points too!

Appa was treated with tasteful Adais and i had ordered for a pizza which i shared with Suraj. Suraj's mom packed us Adai and Puliyodarai for the next day long flt Boston - Chicago - Austin. The food with the curd rice of Sumana Aunty tasted really great when we had them as breakfast in Chicago during transit on 12th April'09 on way to Austin. My uncle Embar Kannan and Poongulam Subramaniam uncle stayed back at the concert venue and returned to Mr & Mrs Anand uncles house after performing a concert with Sri T, M, Krishna. We also wanted to stay for that but having come to Boston and for seeing appa's' friend;s family we had to leave. Appa had great time over lunch with Mr  Mrs Srinivasan on April 9th as i could not go due to slight ill health which caught on me due to being inactive on the 8th April as we did not play at all the entire day! 

At Austin airport we had the opportunity to meet Sri VV Subramaniam unlce, Violin Maestro, and his son Sri VVS Murari along with Sri Thiruvaroor Bakthavatchalam sir, Mrudhangam genius. We all were picked by Sri Nagarajan sir's volunteers and drove to Studio 6 Hotel for a healthy and tasteful lunch. We had our concert from 3:30 - 5:30 pm and thanks to Mr Dan, the Sound Engineer all well went well with regard to concert with good appreciation for us.