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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ellam Iraivan Seyal

It all looks to me a dream. Yes i am now in Boston having completed a lec-dem and a concert in Portland, USA on the 3rd & 4th April'09. It was indeed like a suspense thriller for me till i actually took the flt on the 3rd April. We were suppose to take the flt on the 1st morning but at the last minute we were informed that our passports were held up in Canadian Embassy for Visa issuance. It came only on the 2nd evening at 7pm and now the space for us in the flt!

While Kannan uncle, Poongulam uncle and self got ourselves booked in a direct flt MAA/Frankfurt/Portland, appa got only the flt MAA/Frankfurt/Seattle/Portland. Then we reached Portland by 12noon on 3rd April'09 and just went to the hotel Phoenix Inn and we changed ourselves and proceeded to Intel Factory or a lec-dem.

Many thought we would probably have jet lag but "Ellam Iravan Seyal" all three of us were fit to do the lec-dem in a grand manner. Appa could reach hotel directly at 5:30pm only. Then we had good food organised by volunteers thru" Mr/S Raman who were the host thru' Rasika - an organisation committed to promoting music in Portland.

Portland was indeed cold and a great small city. I loved the climate and it was all systematic every where and every one was so cool! No tensions seen and as appa said every one was with the attitude of nothing will go wrong!

On the 4th April we had the concert at Portland Performing Art Center, a beautiful hall and i was fortunate to perform there. The PA system was great and the ambiance was simply superb. After the concert we were greeted and appreciated by many and it was a great feeling.

Thanks to my uncle for bringing the laptop i could easily access skype and speak to my mom every now and then. Also thanks to the hosts who all are very kind and nice to me. Ellam Iraivan Seyale!