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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Atlanta from 26 - 29 April'09

It is indeed a great city just for the reason that it has Dr Ram Sriram who is one of the very few Crt. Distinguished Professor in Accountancy ho has won one of the most prestigious award of the Nation for the year 2001-02 for excellence in teaching accountancy. His wife Smt Rama Ram is also a distinguished Medical research analyst who has more than 30 - 40 research papers to her credit. We had the great honor of being in their house and we are thoroughly enjoying it. They are so simple and it is nice to learn this from them!

We had the great opportunity to visit Coca-Cola Museum which was a thrilling experience! I had the the chance to taste all the products of Coca-Cola throughout the world at one place and one has to experience it to understand the thrill. We had a 4d demo of the making of Coke and it was indeed fantastic. Only sad thing is appa dropped our camera after coming out of the museum and he felt very bad for same. Well this has been keeping us all united bring my memories to you and so we have decided to by a new one either today 28th April'09 or tomorrow at SanJose. I am sure you will enjoy the pictures taken here in the museum.

We also went to Dr Ramesh's residence in the evening on 27th for dinner and had a "maja" time with hi sons Nikil & Pranav playing wi games and discussing on Cricket, which game they were not very much clear. I explained to my knowledge and also had lots of fun with every one there especially their thatha. Appa, Kanna mama and Poongi uncle went to Swaminarayanan temple which i believe is one of the most beautiful temples in the world. You can have details in The Shiva vishnu temple we performed on 26th April'09 also was very beautiful and divine. We will be leaving to SanJose on 29th April and will report from there later.