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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great news

I am pleased to inform all that i have passed by 8th std and now promoted to 9th std! I got this information in the night at 1145pm 21st April our time and we were in Calgary. We reached St. Louis today and was greeted with Pal Payaam by Mr & Mrs Sridhar and family. We enjoyed the evening celebrating the result ith UNO card game and Ifi games. All this after a long day -  Yes we woke up at 430am caught a flt at 8am at Calgary and reached St. Louis at 430pm. We were met Mr Anand and reached our host's residence at about 6pm. Looking forward to a great time in St. Louis.

I am happy to give two video clippings of taken at BANFF - Calgary. Hope you all enjoy.