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Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Dallas on April 15, 2009

As i had written earlier we went to Mr & Mrs Shanthi Mrali's residence for dinner on April 15th 2009. Their daghter Megna sang a song and has got a good voice. Their son Shyam who is 16 years old has jst returned from Cleveland after performing a one hour concert there on Saxaphone. It was indeed a srprie to know that the instrument cost around $ 2000 and also he hd got a new one which is more like a clarinet costing just $ 700. Shyam played both and e had good time listening to hi skills in Carnatic & Jazz music. They had a Casio keyboard and on their request played western lessons there. Also took photo just before leaving Dallas from Sri & Smt Jayashree Manikantan house and hope to return back soon!

I hope you like the photos above  which were taken on the 15th April'09.