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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

St. Louis -Playing Cricket & Watching IPL - 22nd to 25th April'09

It was a drastic change of climate we experienced when we reached St. Louis from Calgary. Yes after being to Banff no to a place almost like November Chennai as far as the climate! It was kind of hot and sultry and we were met by Mr Anand who took us to our host for the next couple of days, Mr Sridhar's residence. Poongi uncle jokingly was telling me that we will have 
"vathakozhambu and urulai karimudhu" during the flight but that became true after a long day flt journey at Sridhar uncle's residence. We not only enjoyed food but also their warmth. 

While we were playing UNO Sridhar uncle taught us a new game on cards - Mail - which resembled rummy, but i was not very much impressed. Appa and Poongi uncle liked it and it as all fun for them. Poongi uncle was the winner almost every time and the host family was all at loss - i am sure just in the game. We also got opportunity to Play or dear game Cricket and were all happy. H/ever as during all or local games we also had fight which could have been avoided. Well that's gully Cricket any way!

Later e moved to Mr Chandramouli's residence which was like being in a big Hotel in Kodaikanal. Yes! so big and beautiful it was. Ms. Mahitha Bhardwaj, his daughter, a talented personality who has given performances on Keyboard, plays Piano, sings and performs Bharathanatyam. It was so nice of her grandma to wish me and it was all fun being with the family to watch "Bommalattam" a movie e all like, not only for the film but also for the ambiance we were seeing it. Eventhough we could not see the "St. Louis Arch" we left with great satisfaction of having been with two excellent families.