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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Here is the link for the photos taken during our trip till date.

US Photos Arpil 3rd, 2009
photos 4apr-7apr
It is indeed a great blessing from god that we were hosted by Mr/s Sumana Anand family here in Boton and i had all the best of what my uncle Embar Kannan use to talk good about his USA trips. The food was to my liking thanks to Ashiq (15yr old) & Sneha (9yr old) children of Mr/s Sumana Anand, who also has similar food habits. There was TT table which was kept busy almost everyday for 6 - 8 hours. Big screen TV with movies going on and on. UNO card game, Basketball throwing efforts and most important a chill & freezing cold climate. 

We had lunch out with TARA aunty, a renowned Violin & Vocal teacher and Shailaja Gargeya aunty (relative of my guru Kalimamani A. Kanyakumari madam) one day and had fun playing carrom & Wi games. The interaction session with Marc Rossi uncle at Sumana aunty's house was interesting and i also caught up little illness which made me miss appa's trip to visit Mr Srinivasan's, Rasikapriya yahoo group,residence. It was nice of him to have come to drop appa and also spend some time with me. The medicine from Sumana anty and the warmth from all with me made me recover soon and i was ll set for the concert on Saturday 11th April'09