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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Montreal on 18th & Calgary on 19th & 20th April'09

It was indeed great day on 18th April with a sound sleep after viewing a film at our host Dr Krishnamurthy's house and in the evening the venue was just at a walkable distance. The concert went well and Alex & Alex on PA did a great job or the audience. H/ever we had no monitor and so all the three of us had some difficulty.  The concert was very much appreciated and when we told this problem after the concert Mr Gopi Menon & the team felt sorry and appreciated the good presentation given by the team. The dinner was a kind of get together of many of the volunteers and friends and was really good. I really loved the Pussy - the Black cat very much in this house!

After waking up early, proceeded to the airport to go to Calgary on the 19th april'09. Thanks to InduReka aunty, we had our brunch in the flight. Calgary airport was nice and we were met by Mr day Thakkur, president Raga Mala and Mr Howard and drove us to "Nirvana" a Indian restaurant here we had good lunch. Later we reached Econolodge, the place of our stay which had swimming pool. The concert in the evening went well with appreciation for the team from all the adience. Here too we had standing ovation after the concert. 

We had nice swim yesterday 20th April and spent good time with Mr Sudeep who hosted us for lunch at a East Indian Restaurant named Namaskar and enjoyed the food. He discussed many subjects with appa and it was interesting for me to listen. It was also nice of Udhay Mathur uncle to have taken us to "Sears Mall" to buy shoe for Poongi uncle to go to Banf - Sno mountains on 21st. e went to Southern Spice restaurant. while i had Onion Rava Masala other three had Thali meal and the food was very authentic. Later we found out that the chef as Mr Mohan from Trichy and we gave him lots of compliments for a great dinner.