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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Canada - where i am going to play Kaanada

Welcome to Canada! Yes i am welcoming you all to see the pictures we have taken as we enter Canada. On April 16, 2009 we left Dallas. After having idli at St. Luis and Puliyodharai and Curd rice (thanks to Jayashree aunty, Dallas) at Chicago, we took a small 52 seater plan and arrived in Montreal. We stayed for our organiser who had to come from downtown and so had the taste of Canadian Hot Chocolate at the airport. Mr Gopi Menon, who had come here before 35 years for good, i o nice and took us to our host's house. Dr. Krishnamurthy's family once again, touch wood, has been very nice to us and we are having fun with great warmth & good food just for the asking.

Myself and appa went out with Sri Gopi Menon, who keeps singing Sai bhajan very well all throught, and explored Montreal city shopping mall. It is all underground and covers almost entire city. The metro is very good, i experienced it in Kolkatta as well, and you can see the photo of all this above. We had good lunch with Pizza and Ice cream for me and Naan with potato & Mutter paneer for appa and Gopi Menon uncle. Gopi uncle also took us to the gigantic Olympic stadium (1976) and the BIO-DEM centre. He also drove us on a city tour of Montreal.

Later in the evening had good practice session with Embar Kannan uncle and then after dinner saw "Naan Kadavul" before going to bed at 1115 pm. Now we are going for another practice session before lunch and will be going ahead to the venue at 530 pm. will update on concert later tomorrow.