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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Dallas Trip April 12 - 14, 2009
After the Austin concert we all left to Dallas in two cars thanks to my appa's friend Sri Manikantan and my thatha's (paternal) guide and well wisher Smt. Om Bhavatharini's son-in-law Sri Baskaran who had come down to Austin to pick us up. It was joyful 3 hr drive and we could not stay for Sri VVS mama concert here also as we had to drive down. We picked up Bakthavatchalam uncle's baggage as he was coming to Dallas by flt next day and this gave an oppurtunity to meet him in person in Jayashree Manikantan aunty's house. We had good fun with lots of jokes shared by all of during his visit. Jayahree aunty & Manikantan uncle were very happy to have got Bakthavatchalam uncle visit their house. 

I have been having good time here even though TT is not available but UNO and WI games are here and i play with Sahana, Sanjana and of course our team of appa, unlce and Poongi uncle. We visited Smt Athirai & Sri Baskaran uncle's house for dinner yesterday 14th april'09 and met lot of people who had come to see us. I played with Akash and Avinash, Mr/s Baskaran's children for some time. We had nice time and today we are to meet Poongi ncle's friend's family Mr/s Shanthi Murali. Today we went to buy luggage as one which we brought is of no use now with handles broken and spent some time on shopping. 

Understand Dallas is the  place where John F. Kennedy was shot dead and had a glimpse of the museum from outside. Monuments entry fees are really high with $ 20 as fee for this. I was thanking our Govt. as they are charging very low entry fee for our monuments!