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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tour to BANFF - A great Tour - Thanks to Mr Shree and Raga Mala

It was an exiting morning for me and appa as we were to proceed to BANFF - Snow capped mountains. We were met by Mr Shree who had offered to take us to this tour after the concert on April 19, 2009 when Poongi uncle told him about my wish to see these mountains. It was indeed a never to miss trip and Poongi uncle (ho had already seen it) and Kanna mama also joined us for the tour. It was a drive for about 2 hrs and on way Shree uncle showed us many thing including the Ghost Lake. We enjoyed walking on the icy lake and proceeded to Banff. it was really a exciting scene to see White ice mountains all round us. The time we spent there, the Winch drive and the drive etc cannot be said in words and so i am requesting you all to see the photo link above. 

It is interesting to know that Mr Shree's father was one of the pioneers to have explored to go to the top of the BANF mountain and to study  impact of COMIC rays at this place. His name Mr. venkatesan is inscribed on a plaque at the top of the mountain crediting him for this effort by the Canadian Government. What an achievement and Mr Shree  uncle  is a proud son indeed!!

We were hosted for dinner by Sri Bharath uncle who was very friendly with me and took us to Maurya restaurant. Its so unfortunate we could not take our camera so missed to take a photo with him. May be it is reserved for our next visit!