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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today i ahd a concert for the upanayanam of Shashaank S. Yogesh who is the grand son of Sri Bagyam Ramasamy - famous writer of the story Seetha Paati & Appuswamy thatha. In fact i thought he will look like that but he was not. Mr Bagyam Ramaswamy (Sri J R Sundaresan) was a looking normal and he is a very kind hearted person. Charukesi uncle - a leading music critic introduced me and also was there listening to the concert for almost and hour and a half.
I am also happy to inform that it was for the upanayanam of TamilNadu's Table Tennis champion (under 10) i performed today. Shashank S. Yogesh is in front of his mother in thier family photo above and the one giving me the rich fruit basket.

Todya's concert was well attended by Shashank's father's company and also many leading personalities. Infact Shashank's mother's company had also given me a gift of IV std books on seeing one of my concerts. Shashank and his cousin were so nice to me and were with me almost all the time after my concert. The food was good and Hari Hara Sharma anna who played Kanjeera performed very well and it was just the first time with me. Asusual AnanthaKrishnan anna and Arjun Ganesh anna performed and enhanced the concert today.

Also seen are the photos appa had taken at the venue of Chennai Sangamam concert held under Paul Jacob Uncle. My mother was also a part of it and the show was directed by Director Sri Vasanth and stage decor by Sri Thotatharani, all seen in one of the picture with amma & Vijay anna with Donnan uncle on the right extreme. I am looking forward for tmrw's concert with Sri Ravikiran uncle at Mylapore Mada Veedhi time 6pm for Chennai Sangamam.