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Friday, February 23, 2007

Morning concert at Sivan Park, K.K.Nagar 23.02.2007

I sincerely thought there would not be much crowd for today’s early morning concert at 630am but was surprised to see people attending the group songs rendered by the students of Tamil Issai College, Chennai. The crowd started getting more and it was really a good turnout for a morning concert. The concept has clicked and if the Government starts doping this on regular basis I am sure the interest in various arts of our nation will prosper.

It was a good ambience to perform in a park and this Sivan Park was indeed a well maintained one and had a good temple of Siva. I have been blessed to perform in this park and I was appreciated after the performance by the audience and the organizers present. I also had my classmate friend Aathithyan attending this concert. He had told my friends and when I went a little late to school my classmates cheered me up and welcomed me in to the class & this was indeed a nice experience.