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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Janaranjani Sabha – 24th Feb’07

I like train travel and so I am always happy to perform outstation as this gives me joy. Appa and myself took Rockfort Express on 23rd and on reaching Gopalan uncle (secy Janaranjani Sabha) started playing with his grand daughter (studying in 8th std) The enquired and with her and appa went to a nearby theatre which was actually like half-step & jump distance, saw Pokkiri – a Vijay movie. Enjoyed the movie which had good fight scenes. Thanks to mami, had good food. Gopalan uncle told me lot of real instances and narrated his nostalgic moments he has shared with great artists who had come and stayed in his house.

After the concert we came home and continued our playing till almost midnight and then went to sleep. Poongulam uncle was great today and with him all the three of us took a passenger train to Tanjore and then to Trichy for the concert of heArtbeat. I had great fun during the three train journeys by this time.