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Friday, September 07, 2007

Review i would cherish for ever.

I am thankful to Dr Srinivasan (who is seen behind Pondy CM to his left) for having sent me his views / comments which in my view is one of the best i have received outside the Print media. I am honoured to present this to all my well wishers as written by him:

Memorable keyboard concert :

Young Sathya presented a magnificent concert on the keyboard.. one ofthe recent feathers acceded to his already colourful , illustrious and cute cap!!!! This private concert at Pondicherry on Sep. 2nd 2007 beganwith a Mallari.The sonorous and ringing presentation laden with distinct laya patterns set the tone ofthe concert. Papanasam Sivan's Ritigaula masterpiece (Tatvamariya) on Sri Vigneswara was receivedwell.

The packed audience was treated to a sumptuousfare. Many luminaries of Pondicherry , led by theHon'ble CM Thiru N.Rangaswamy sat glued to their seatsand admired the virtuosity of the little giant, while not forgetting to enjoy the divine and chaste melody emanating from the Korg Triton!! Sadinchane, thePancharatna kriti of Saint Thyagaraja was musically delivered by Sathya with austerity, solemnity anddignity befitting the composition and the venue.

Niravati sukada was given rare and new dimensions,yet without marring the pristine purity of thepiece. The composition was rendered with preconceived beats including the tisra gathi that carried a lot ofimpetus with it. It was a challenging task for the accompanists. Ananthakrishnan on the violin, ArjunGanesh on the mridangam, Hariharasubramaniam on the Ghatam and my humble self on the Kanjeera and morsing. Sathya surprised the audience by rendering Niravati in the conventional manner too, there by proving to the audience that he is a core traditionalist!!

While performing the main onSivasakthi, Sathya delineated the rare raga that has been immortalized by GNB. Sathya brought out the contours of the raga distinctly, taking care not to infringe upon the territory of Varamu (SuddhaHindolam) . The ragamalika alapana on Mohanam, Hamsadhwani & Kalyani playing Sivasakthi every timeprior to and after each raga was a rich musical experience, unique in itself.

The original composition of Sathya based on Aathichudi won the admiration of layrasikas and knowledgeable buffs alike!! Sathya's mother Smt. Lalitha chipped in with a brief exposition of her vocal skills as also Sathya's father, SriKrishna Babu. These added quiet charm to the proceedings.

The skilful handling of the Pitch bend wheel has become synonymous with Sathya's playing and hence the gamakas flowed like nectar. This was observed by one of my best friends , Dr.B.Sivaprakash who himself is an accomplished keyboardist and a composer of repute. All in all, it was a memorable concert... one of the best inrecent times that I have had heard and enjoyed to my heart's content.

by Dr.Vellore A.R.Srinivasan