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Thursday, September 27, 2007

27th September, 2007 - Our family concert presentation

I checked with appa if we can go to Mukkur Narasimha temple in Venkatesan street, T.Nagar today and he was ready for it if i was ready to play violin there. I asked amma if she can sing along and finally appa decided to lay his hands on the kanjeera. It was indeed a great evening as we did a performance for about 30mts in the sannadhi with few audience also.
Appa did a good job with his kanjeera and i am sure he, in the near future would be ready to perform on regular stages. I do not know if he likes that but it was indeed good as far as today was concerened. We started with Sri Ganapathim in Sowrastram followed 4 pancharathna kritis, Marugelara, Sriman Narayanan, Dholayam & mangalam in Madhayamavathi.
The kutty girl you see is the daughter of the Swamiji of the temple