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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A great trip to the temple town of Sholingur

Appa asked me if we can go to Sholingur on 28 Sep'07 and take dharshan of Lord Narasimha and Anjaneya. I just bounced on the chance to take this trip. We tried to call many people to come with us but we only got –ve answers from many as late as 1130pm on the 27th sep. We all thought if we need to post pond the trip but I and amma were clear that we will take this trip with just three of us in our car – Maruthi Zen Estillo. It was the first long trip of over 100km distance I enjoyed the drive thoroughly. We also had the dharshan of our Acharyan there.

We left at 530am and returned back at 245pm having had great dharshan at both the temple. I had great time seeing so many monkeys at one place and the looti they do can not be compared to any of ours anyway! We are planning to go with my patti, thatha & athai today to another hill temple and if I go will update details later.

Happy to share few photos of my visit and also look at my new car!