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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another trip to Coimbatore for a concert on 14th Sep'07

Followed with our performance during August 2007 for Nadham, we had a concert booked on the same day so the same team (with my mother this time) went to Coimbatore. We had a great stay arranged by Smt Shantini, the co-ordinator and had provided us with avehicle to go around. We went to a well wisher's house and also to Marudhamali and my chinna patti's house

One of my well wisher's from orkut had come ther but i could not meet him. Hope to see you next time! It was a private concert and had almost 2 to 3 thousand attending it. One of the huge crowds i have seen to wish a couple. The concert went well and we reached hotel just to see the finishing overs of Indian innings. Later in the morning was happy to see India winning it thru' BALL-OUT!! crazy new thing really!! Any way India won the match and i am happy about it.