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Sunday, June 01, 2008

A memorable concert tour to Trichy - 31st May'08

It was a memorable trip to Trichy for the concert on the 31st Mar'08 in three ways. The concert came out good, a good trip to visit Srirangam and Ucchipillayar Temples and one in which we celebrated Arjun Ganesh anna's birthday on stage!. This was also the first outstation trip with my new camera Casio - Exslim, thanks to Diwakar uncle for buying it for me from USA.

Amma, Arjun anna, Sowri uncle and self went to Srirangam Temple and Ucchi Pillaiar temple as appa had to wait for Vijayaraghavan uncle who was joining us from Bangalore. We had the oppurtunity to go into the Srirangam temple but could not have a good dharshan, may be we are blessed for a trip soon. Then on we went to Rockfort temple and had good time climbing the rocky mountain but with good steps.

In the evening appa gave us all a surprise with a small cake cutting ceremony to celebrate Arjun Ganesh anna's birthday! He also announced a prize for any one who guesses the age of Arjun Ganesh anna correctly! Almost the entire crowd could not guess it correctly with age being said from 18 - to 46 (this was toooooo much!) H/ever two 12 year old children Amaranth and Sanjana guessed his right and were given a audio cassette of my vol 1 & 2. They were so happy and here is the same quiz passed on to you.

If any one can guess his age right to spelt out and Arjun Ganesh anna will give you nice gifts if you do not say it correctly!!! after all he also wants to be young for ever!!

I was once again blessed to meet a spiritual person who is fondly referred as "Iyyah" and he blessed me with Viboodhi and Kunguma". I saw a sparkling eyes with great divinity and was happy to have got his blessings. Hope you like these pictures and for more get to the link:
My trip to Trichy for 31st May concert'08