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Saturday, June 07, 2008

2008 Summer holiday tour!

My Holiday trip to - Sterling Swamimalai

It was once again a great holiday trip with my parents and grand parents (appa's parents) & this time it was suddenly decided and we went on a 3day trip to Swamimalai on the 5th June morning. We went straight to Sterling Swamimalai and had a swim in the pool which looked like a temple tank. A great property to stay which makes you feel as if you are in a village. The cottages / rooms are all like individual house in small streets and you find every thing you can see in a village in a great working condition. From a coffee powder making machine, bullock cart, boilers, old vessels, a two bladed fan, etc etc.. I have given here a set of photos of our trip which has many photos of the resort and am sure it will interest you to visit it too! It is really a worth visiting destination!

We also saw many temples and spent most of my time in the Swimming pool with appa and thatha. We enjoyed the trip with dharshans at various temples and as a dhristi had a minor accident on way back. Our car got hurt and god saved us! The photos of the driver and the bus which hit us while the driver was trying to reverse his vehicle without noticing our car, are also given in this link. This was the only mishap in the entire trip which otherwise was indeed a memorable experience!