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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A good trip of appa's to Sabarimala.

My appa was off to Sabarimala and was there last Saturday and Sunday 15, 16 Jun'08. As my school re-opened on the 13th and also had full working day on the 14th had to miss this trip. May be will try and make it next trip.

After having a good bath in the river in Chenganoor appa and his friends total 14 of them proceeded to Pamba enroute having good food arranged by member's families. We could not do any thing as my amma had recording on Friday the day they left. We managed to see them off at the Temple before they left to the station. Understand appa enjoyed the entire trip and had a good pilgrimage trip to Sabarimala.

I understand the crowd was very less and so they all could have close dharshan and also any number of times they wanted. Indeed a great trip!!

Appa called us on the 16th morning from the Mahasannidhanam and said any one can call Lord Iyyappa on mobile as he had one to answer. I just thought he was joking then later understood that he had lost his mobile. He was just worried only about the contact numbers stored in the phone and Sim card.

I just want to tell all my well wishers to please try and update your contacts if you have stored or else please get to the practice of storing and updating same in your computers. Appa had updated before 2 months but had made lot of changes and so could probably mange to get 75% of the contacts. I thought of putting this info so that it helps all who sees this message and get the useful habit of storing and updating contacts.