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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Welcoming The New Year 2016

Had a good send off to 2015 with a good gig with Embar ji at Vani Mahal this time along with many musicians organised by Carnatica. 

The New year 2016 has begun with a good presentation of the first concert for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha on the 2nd January. I was so moved when i saw Rajesh Vaidhya anna in the audience for this concert and sincerely appreciate his expressive nature of showing up his love and affection for me. Even though you have many rasikas turning up for concerts and this has been on the growth side in the past year, seeing an artist of his calibre to come and spend time was indeed a surprise!

I was also pleasantly shocked when Rajesh Vaidhya anna mentioned that he felt me missing on stage at The Music Academy while he performed a Solo on the 1st January during this year's Sadas. I do not know how many of us would do this! He indeed is a different artiste not only on performance but also in the Way he supports, encourages and compliments his co-artists. Hats Off Anna!

The Thematic solo concert for Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on the 14th January was indeed a challenging presentation what with myself committing to perform just Navagraha Krithis for a 90 minute concert. While i did not expect many to turn up on that day to my surprise the mini auditorium in the 2nd floor of BVB, Mylapore was full and with Almighty's Grace managed to present the Navagraha krithis with some detailed Alapana and kalpanaswaram as well. I enjoyed the enhancement give by Madurai Venkat, Sunil and Hari annas and with "The Grace of Navagrahas" the concert went well and was indeed well received by one and all. A blessing and honour was the presence of many in the audience and in particular Sri. Keyboard Venkatasubramanian sir, a senior musician, keyboard artiste and a wonderful composer and Smt. Malavika, A Musicologist. They did interact with me and appreciated this Theme Presentation which they felt was indeed a Brave and Successful Effort.