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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sum up for the Year 2015

Its been quite a long time to be precise over 8 months since i got in touch with through the blog. I sincerely feel bad but with WhatsApp, twitter and facebook we tend to communicate in short and the habit of detailing is really been lost. What a Shame! After all our custom and culture is to narrate incidents in detail and this art is now almost dwindling due to sheer laziness and un willingness to spare time, even though we definitely can make it. Let me try and be as narrative as possible at least from now on and hope to be in regular touch.

The second half of last year has been very encouraging. With many concert presentations happening with Sivamani anna & Rajesh Vaidhya anna which has given me greater experience, especially to show case the presentation in different perspectives. The solo programs have also grown up in terms quality of presentation growth in Audience turn out and thats indeed a encouraging sign.

The flood in December has indeed taken its toll with water coming into our house to almost 3 - 4 feet and thank Almight we have managed to survive with considerably a lesser loss in terms of valuable and yes it has increased our confidence and the outlook of life totally. 

The concert for Brahma Gana Sabha which i thought was gone, came our way and it was a totally a different experience to collaborate with Mannargudi Vasudevan uncle on Thavil and Sreesundarkumar anna on Mrudhangam. Teaming up with Embar ji this was indeed one of The Best Concerts of my career and look forward to many more. The Season concerts went very well also with Rajesh Vaidhya anna and one more with Embar ji. The encouraging factor is that in all the concerts the audience attendance is growing!