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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Sum up for February and mid March 2016

It has been a great February and a wonderful March as on date. 

While I had the second opportunity to perform in Tamil Nadu Music University as part of the Founder Day's celebrations on the 25th February, I presented 6 sets of Medleys with Ganapathy and Suri uncles, Sridhar anna and my College mate Vijay. The Vice Chancellor Smt Veenai Gayathri Amma was so happy on our Team's presentation and assured to extend more opportunities as the large student assembled  were responding so positively with whistling, clapping and dancing. 

Sivarathri nights:

Thanks to Mr. Harikrishnan, a Carnatic music organiser in Kerala, got the first opportunity to perform in the Prestigious Trupanittura Siva Temple Music series on the 6th March a day prior to Sivarathri. With great enhancement and a wonderful sound we gave a performance that was so well received by the large knowledgeable audience who were so receptive to this concept of Carnatic on Keyboard in a Traditional ground! Thanks to Sri. Narayanan Rao the entire concert has been recorded and now available in YouTube. My pranams to Hari ji for with his request of few songs I could learn performed it for the first time on stage. 

On 7th MArch,  Sivarathri day I had the opportunity to perform with VL KUMAR uncle on Violin, Swaminathan uncle on Flute and Papanasam Kumar on Mrudhangam at BVB Mini Hall in the Sivarathri Agandam conducted by Sri. Kumar and family.

It was a rewind if sort at Kalahasthi on the 8th March, the day after Sivarathri,  as this time the concert ended up with many in the audience personally came in to take selfies and appreciated our presentation.  Thanks to ex Chairman of Kalahasthi Temple Board Mr. Kola Anand and his family got an opportunity to perform on the 6th March, 10 years after my earlier performance and thanks to our Team of Ganapathy uncle, Swami &  Sridhar annas and my friend Vijay it went well with fabulous response from a large audience. 

I have also made my little musical efforts for this year's Cleveland festival and hope it's accepted well, thanks to Shashikiran Anna.

I am waiting to see the upcoming website of one of India's wonderful Camera architect in Sri. Iqbal for which I have tuned some own composition and looking forward to seeing it with his work.

Happy exam time and look forward to Happy Holidaying!!!