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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A great day of memorable events.

It was a great day today -13th Dec'08, with a performance once again for my school bhajan group from 7 - 845 am at Krishna Gana Sabha. I was just on time on stage as they were about to start the Bhajan as i got delayed. Thank god i made it in time. I felt bad to have given my music teacher a little tension.

After this bhajan i went to attend Muthukumar uncle's 60th birthday celebrations. He has been a great well wisher and a motivator for me with his support to bring out two albums namely Vaatapi to Vandematharam from Kosmic Muisc and Sathya's Synthesis a DVD project from Moserbaer. I was fortunate to meet a Swamiji by name Senthil Thuravi and got his blessings.

In the evening i went out with appa and amma to attend Sri Anil's Piano lec -dem alongwith Sri Gurucharan. What a presentation! It was golden 1 hour i had spent there and learnt lot of techniques from Anil uncle's presentation. Well let me try and use it and see if i am successful in the attempt. In fact i try this style during heArtbeat concerts when i play with my uncle Sri Embar S. Kannan, and today i learnt how to polish it better. Gurucharan anna's singing was excellent and they two gave a different dimension of music as a whole!! Congrats to them and i was fortunate to be there, thanks to appa being a member of thru' witch we got to know of this program.

We then went to inauguration function of Myalpore Fine Arts after this lec-dem and was there when Sudha Raghunathan aunty was conferred the title for this year. As tomorrow is the first of the concert i would be playing for this December Music Festival, i had the oppurtunity to get the blessings of almost all the well wishers of mine like Nalli uncle, Natarajan uncle, Venkatraman uncle, Sudha aunty, Sundaram uncle, Kumadam Chandrasekar uncle, Pyarilal uncle to name a few. was really moved when many people who were telling me that they have been coming for my concerts when my amma was handing over handouts of my Dec'08 schedule. I had the oppurtunity to take photos with Vanavarayar uncle and Kathadi Ramamurthy uncle today. A perfect day to meet and get the blessings of all and now look forward to a grand beginning tomorrow with the blessings of the almighty & gurus and wishes from all well wishers.