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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Concerts on the 29th & 30th Nov'08

Concert on the 29th Nov'08 was indeed unforgettable as we were getting out of the house after almost 4 days of heavy rain in Chennai. Thanks to the rain god who decided to slow down on the 29th Nov'08 we all could reach the venue in time. With Tabla Rajagopal uncle's son Vijay coming in to the team for the first time we had a fairly good show with Ananthakrishnan anna on violin, Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna on Mrudhangam with Padhu uncle on the rhythm pad. Sangeetha Raja anna of Karthick audios was great as ever and Mrs & Mr Raghu from Singapore who had coordinated for this concert, expressed that all the audience appreciated our team's performance.

Concert on the 30th Nov'08 was a concert for the friend of Trivandrum Balaji anna and was for the first time the bridegroom came to our stage and requested to play Sankarabaranam notes as a gift to her bride! We all enjoyed with my appa giving some nice talk on this. I was with the team of AK anna, Suri uncle, Harish - kanjeera and Chandru on Ghatam and performed a concert with a nice audience. Infact for the first 1 hour or so every one was sitting infront of us and looked as if we were performing a Sabha concert!