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Monday, December 08, 2008

Dec04'08 - Concert in Coimbatore without my dear Gopi mama!
It was indeed an emotional trip to Coimbatore to all of us as we have always been taken care on arrival into Coimbatore by Gopi mama! May be it was blessing that we continued to get the same treatment for this concert also with the organisors being so good to us. We, Venkat anna (violin) Trivandrum Balaji anna (Mrudhangam and Hari anna (Ghatam), my parents and self, went to Gopi Mama's house and had a coffee after spending time in one of the most visited homes by all artists! With his blessings the concert also was well attended by audience showing great interest to our carnatic music and this helped us present a concert which, i understand was well received by the audience, as said by the organiser.

I always like train travel and the incidents happening in our journey. We were booked in a eight in one sweater / berth arrangements on on onward journey but were given a nine in one seater/birth coach, which appa and Trivandrum Balaji tried to explain two of our co-passenger who had occupied our seats. H/ever the lady and the gentleman refused to accept their words and when finally TTR came and asked them to shift they did not even feel sorry for all the arguments they made! I think it is better to keep quiet in many incidences when we are not sure of things - well people will have to follow this which will reduce hatred feelings amongst one another!