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Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 22'08 - A pleasant concert with a new team

It was a good concert with a mix of both Carnatic and film songs presented on the 22nd May'08 in Chennai. With Kandadevi Vijayaraghavan uncle on the violin, Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan on Mrudhanga, Tikka on Tabla (Yes it was the name of the person!), Sriram on Rhythm Pad, Sowirrajan uncle on Thavil and Bala anna on the Nadaswaram the team was effective and also had great co-ordination. Almost throughout the concert the percussion team had their specific roles and so was the violin and Nadaswaram which in effect gave rich enhancement for the concert.

It was also for the first i was seeing a video cd that too carnatic music being played on CCTV before our concert. H/ever it made our job very difficult as we had to match at least to 1% of the great artist team of Smt M.S. Subbulakshmi's concert. It was a cd of vintage series of Doordharshan's Tiruvaiyaru performance collection and it was so nice to see Sri Kandadevi Alagiriswamy a legend Violin artist in the video and we were all happy to have his grandson performing with us on stage same day! Great coincidence and how many of us can have this happen in our lives!! Congrats Vijayaraghavan uncle.!

One of the audience wanted to perform a song on keyboard and appa accepted same if they had their own instrument. H/ever the person wanted to play on my instrument for which app informed that same can be done may be after the concert was over. When i asked him why he said that he explained to me saying, "We do not know if all the artists will oblige to play with a new person and also it would stop the flow of the concert performance". Well this is one of teh new things happened in our concert. All songs came out well and i liked Mahadeva Sivasambo in Revathya, Karadhare in Swarasammohini in carnatic and Poomalayil Poomalligai and SingaraVelane Deva in film songs which came out at its best.