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Friday, March 30, 2007

A performance with difference 28th Mar'07

Yes it was a wedding reception of a Indian with a Singapore based Chinese girl. Also as soon as i entered the venue being a private concert, i saw huge numbers of Tamizh Murasu evening paperwhich was distributed to the audience as it was carrying an advt. of a political leader coming to attend this function. Our team of Karaikal Venkatasubramaniam anna on violin Trivandrum Balaji anna on mrudhangam, Hariharasubramaniam anna on Ghatama nd Sowrirajan uncle performing both Kanjeera and Morsing had good co-ordination throughout the concert.

The function was attend by a large number of people and we initially thought nobody liked the carnatic performance we were rendering. H/ever we realised that every one enjoyed but maintained silence. Infact many of them came to congradulate me and also bought my cds after the concert was over. At the fag end the bride sang very well, few lines of the song "Nilakaigiradhu" and hearing froma Chinese national with that perfection of pronunciation, which left wondering why our own Tamilnadu girls speak defferently in TV Channels.